AVCRM (Aerodrome and RPA)

Industry regulations for RPA and Aerodrome paperwork and reporting are complex and time consuming putting the operation at risk of safety and compliance breaches. The AVCRM product suite is a collection of web-based applications managed by a team of aviation professionals who understand the operational and regulatory demands required to maintain compliance through CASA.

Addressing compliance, safety, scheduling, operational management, reporting and records management the AVCRM systems allow users to streamline processes, improving efficiency and accuracy.

BCP – Business Continuity Programme

Business continuity is the key discipline that sits at the heart of building, maintaining and improving organisational resilience and is integral to council’s overall approach to recognising, responding to and managing risks and threats which have the potential to cause major disruptions to critical business functions. JLT Consulting can assist Council to develop a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) through the identification of risks and threats and the creation of response strategies and plans to address incidents and crises. To ensure the BCP is current and appropriate, JLT can also facilitate training to all personnel with responsibility in the Business Continuity Management framework, as well as a scenario based exercise to test the existing BCP arrangements in place and the personnel’s ability and capability to respond.

BI – Business Interruption

A Business Interruption review enables Council to understand flaws in their insurance coverage through the quantification of the financial impact of business interruption and fraud exposures, and understand whether potential losses have actually been transferred as intended. This offering helps Council to avoid getting caught out with cover that doesn’t accurately reflect the size, nature or structure of their organisation. Completing a JLT Forensic Business Interruption review ensures declared values and limits are accurate, maximum future losses are identified and a revised policy structure and wording is in place for Council’s survival.

Climate Change

JLT Consulting provides services to assist Council to identify and analyse specific climate threats based on current climate projections. The result is a register of identified risks to inform future action on adaptation planning, clear understanding of impacts of Climate Change on different functional areas and information on climate risks that may impact on the organisation’s long term planning and resourcing.


Statewide provides insurance valuations of contents for each member Council over a 5 year period, conducted by insurance valuation professionals.

IMP 1 – Integrity Management Programme Phase 1

The Integrity Management Programme Phase 1 is a one-day course designed specifically for senior leaders in Local Government organisations and Executives responsible for reporting on integrity and governance to Councils, State Government and other oversight bodies. The session looks at the current challenges facing Councils, structured and defensible governance processes, the role and responsibilities of Councillors, Mayors and Executives, assessing exposures relating to areas including political contributions and donations, bribery and corruption, employment practices and conflicts of interest as well as the application of governance systems.

IMP 2 – Integrity Management Programme Phase 2

The Integrity Management Programme Phase 2 consists of an evaluation of Councils’ current systems in place to prevent integrity breaches and claims in terms of the Councillors and Officers policy. The program involves a review of Council’s Integrity Management Framework, documents and processes, interviews conducted with a cross section of the organisation (i.e. selected staff from General Manager, Directors , Managers , Coordinators, Team Leaders and Team Members) and the production of a confidential report for the General Manager which will contain the results of the integrity assessments and interviews. Following the review Council receives a report with a recommended list of improvement actions that forms the basis of Councils’ Integrity Management Plan.

IRP – Insurable Risk Profiling

JLT works with Council to evaluate whether the insurance programme that Council currently has in place adequately addresses the organisation’s Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL) event risk exposures (in each of the insurance portfolio components). Findings of the review will contribute to the design of the insurance programme by providing information on the major MFL risks the organisation may be exposed to, and the insured limits of cover that may be required.

RAMA – Risk & Audit Maturity Assessment

The Statewide Mutual Risk & Audit Maturity Assessment is designed to assist Council to demonstrate evidence of accountability, sound risk management practices, and internal controls in order to meet the Local Government Act 1993 amendment requirements and obtain assurance on their risk management and internal audit governance processes.

The service involves risk management maturity assessment model that aligns with the assessment tool of the Audit Office of NSW and desktop evaluation of Council documentation against International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. Council will receive a summary report including a benchmark against risk management and internal auditing standards and an understanding of how Council’s internal audit function performs against industry standards.


Statewide provides insurance valuations of buildings for each member Council over a 5 year period, conducted by insurance valuation professionals.

WQS – Water Quality Survey

Council is provided with the opportunity to participate in an educational engagement (Professional Development Workshop) to achieve vocational education and training outcomes.

Programme objectives include;

  • Implementation of management systems specific to the undertaking of monitoring and maintaining water quality at public swimming pools.
  • Establishment of operational procedures in line with the Public Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Code of Practice and other relevant legislation and standards.
  • Provide opportunities for risk analysis of existing structures and procedures.
  • Assist with industry change management (implementation of Code of Practice).
  • Ensure facilitation of Quality compliance.
  • Hazard identification and assessment (relating to monitoring and maintaining water quality).
  • Processes for daily management of water quality (including frequency, sampling locations, record keeping and corrective actions).
  • Ensure compliance with industry best practice.

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