The five schemes offered by Statewide Mutual are:

  • Liability scheme
  • Property Mutual scheme
  • Crime (Fidelity Guarantee) scheme
  • Councillors’ and Officers’ scheme
  • Motor Vehicle scheme

Liability scheme

The Statewide Mutual Liability scheme provides unparalleled Public Liability, Products Liability and Professional Indemnity protection to Member Councils throughout NSW with Members carrying varying deductibles from $12,500 up to an amount relative to their risk appetite. The scheme also provides an annual surplus distribution, which has exceeded $70 million to date.

Property Mutual scheme

The Property Mutual scheme provides protection for your assets, covering an agreed self-insured retention (SIR) amount which is fully funded and capped. Once this agreed SIR amount is exhausted, conventional excess layer coverage takes effect, up to an overall limit of $1.2 billion in the aggregate over all Members, for any one loss or series of losses arising out of the one event.

Any claims in excess of the SIR are paid by underwriters, meaning there is no risk to Members.

Sub-limits of liability apply in respect of particular risks and each Member bears a deductible.

100% of surplus contributions generated in a fund year are rebated to Members once all claims been finalised.

Crime (Fidelity Guarantee) scheme

The Statewide Mutual Crime (Fidelity Guarantee) scheme provides protection in respect of fraudulent embezzlement or misappropriation of money or goods belonging to a Member Council.

The scheme carries a SIR component, while each Member carries a deductible of 1% per claim with a minimum of $500.

Councillors’ and Officers’ scheme

Councillors’ and Officer’s cover is a stand-alone product that caters for the protection of Member Councils’ elected officials and staff. It covers individuals employed by Member Councils and includes five key areas of protection:

Councillors and Officers

Protects insured persons (councillors, officers and senior managers) against claims alleging they have committed a ‘wrongful act’.

Council reimbursement

Protects the council against any claims relating to ‘wrongful acts’ (where the council has indemnified the insured person).

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Protects the council from claims arising out of any employment practices claims, such as for discrimination, sexual harassment or unfair dismissal.

Council statutory liability

Covers council for payments to an employee for any loss arising from any ‘wrongful breach claim’ (e.g. breaches of Occupational Health & Safety laws)

Council supplementary legal expenses

Covers council for any ‘representation costs’ for them to prepare for, and attend an investigation.

Motor Vehicle scheme

Statewide Mutual provides Council-specific comprehensive motor vehicle cover across a Member Council’s fleet. There is also a ‘Tools of the Trade’ liability protection, which is an important feature of Motor Vehicle Cover as it is not covered under the Liability scheme.

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