CIP Workbook Review Survey 2018



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    The excel format for the CIP workbook was easy to use.
    The questions for each topic were relevant.
    The questions were easily understood by all levels of staff at Council.
    The workbook would benefit from some explanation of what evidence is required for each section/question.
    The questions are too closely linked to the Integrated Planning and Reporting
    The questions compliment the corresponding Best Practice Manual/Guidance Note
    Converting the workbooks to an online form via Member Centre would be easier to manage.
    It would be great to view by results online via the Member Centre
    I am happy for each question to be valued equally (i.e.: 1 for 1).
    The number of questions are not excessive
    The Action Log which highlights the "No" responses is extremely helpful in encouraging improvement
    I support the self-assessment format.
    I will be reporting the results back to the Executive.
    I will be reporting the results to the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee.
    Feedback and input from the relevant section of Council was really positive.
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    Contractor Management
    Event Management
    Volunteer Management
    Project Management
    Climate Change
    Council property management

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