Statewide Mutual members have access to a ‘whole of risk solution’ covering insurance placement, risk management programs and superior claims administration. The effectiveness of this solution brings with it many benefits, including the ability for members to contain costs through the Mutual’s annual distribution of financial surpluses.

To date, we’ve handed back over $69.1 million to members, with all councils receiving a rebate since 1998. Surplus distributions totalling $4 million were again handed back to members across April and May 2017, with widespread member participation in the Risk Management Program influencing this impressive figure.

Members are free to allocate rebates as they see fit, with many channelling the funds directly into their communities.

Risk management initiative request
Lake Macquarie City Council went a step further this year when introducing a strategic way in which to magnify the potential impact of their rebate allocation: issuing a request for interdepartmental risk initiative proposals.

Departments within Council were invited to apply for funding over a range of risk management initiatives including new projects and trials, controls to eliminate particular risks and specialist risk consultant engagements.

The thought behind this great initiative was that funding internal risk management initiatives raises the profile of risk within Council. In doing so, employees become inspired to put their thoughts into actions by assessing, describing and managing risks. Each applicant was required to complete a thorough risk assessment of their idea.

And the winners are …
Council’s Risk Initiatives Committee received nine high-quality proposals, of which five were approved to share in the $45,000 rebate and commence delivery in the 2017/18 financial year. Each proposal was chosen due to: having clearly articulated risks to be managed, being unique and innovative and offering solutions Council wouldn’t ordinarily be able to fund in the next financial year. The winners were:

  • Body cameras for Rangers
    • Objective: to increase the rate of successful enforcement activities, improve employee safety and reduce department administration.
    • Applicant: Coordinator Ranger Services, Steve Barry
  • Risk Management Workshop and information kits for staff, the community and stallholders
    • Objective: to work with the community to educate and empower them to manage and reduce risk to Council.
    • Applicant: Cultural Development and Events Officer, Alicia Nash
  • Charlestown Oval space activation
    • Objective: to implement community outreach programs and other strategies to positively activate the space to reduce identified public safety, financial and reputational risks to Council
    • Applicant: Coordinator Social and Community Planning, Stephen McAlister
  • Beach risk profile survey
    • Objective: to obtain information that will allow Council to more effectively manage coastal public safety risk
    • Applicant: Manager Leisure Services, Brad Sutton
  • Back-to-base surveillance technology for the Administrative Centre
    • Objective: to eliminate the risk to staff safety when attending site to investigate alarms.
    • Applicant: Facilities Management Coordinator, Gary Leggett

These winning proposals will be featured in Council’s Annual Risk Management Action Plan submission for Statewide Mutual. This will ensure appropriate oversight and accountability as all initiatives will be reviewed and progress updates will be provided to the executive teams and the Mutual itself.

Following evidence of set objectives and deliverables being achieved after a 12-month period, the five proposals will also be potentially entered into the 2017 Statewide Mutual Risk Management Excellence Awards.

How has your council spent the rebate?
We’d love to hear how other members have spent their rebates. If you feel your own council’s allocation of the annual rebate can inspire fellow members, please email us at

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