Following back-to-back seasons of high rainfall, NSW councils have suffered significant damage to their road networks.

To support our members in managing hazards and potential liability claims, the Statewide Regional Risk Management team – together with partners IPWEA and Mills Oakley – is hosting a series of roadshows.

A flood of damages, hazards – and concerns

Widespread rain over the last few years has compounded the damage to roads across the state. And many councils are concerned that the ongoing effects of floods will affect – and hinder – their ability to repair and reconstruct roads for the next 10 years.

This presents a risk of injuries and damages – plus liabilities and claims.

At Statewide, we’ve noticed a deluge of public liability claims this year alone. An all-time high, in fact.

So we wanted to find ways to support our member councils and answer their biggest questions – specifically, how to:

  • Manage the volume of claims
  • Warn motorists of the hazards
  • Manage a deteriorating road network – with diminishing resources and expended budgets

Enter the Road Flood Management roadshow.

Sharing key knowledge around the state

From June to August 2023, we’re hosting seven workshops at different locations around the state. This allows us to cover all regions – and make the roadshow accessible for all members.

To address the two biggest concerns – road infrastructure and litigation – we’ve partnered with Mills Oakley and IPWEA, so they can present and share their expertise in these areas.

The Road Flood Management roadshow is beneficial for key council personnel, including:

  • Executive teams, especially directors of engineering
  • Works engineers
  • Civil construction team leaders
  • Asset managers
  • Risk, insurance and claims staff

Leeton and Queanbeyan: The first two runs

In June, we ran the first two workshops at Leeton and Queanbeyan with great success.

After a quick welcome from Statewide’s Executive Officer Naamon Eurell, the workshops proceeded with presentations by Nikki Cassar from Mills Oakley and Joshua Devitt from IPWEA.

Topics covered included:

(Mills Oakley)

  • Potential liabilities
  • Management and revision of response times for severe weather events
  • Use of warning signage
  • Contractor management
  • How to best manage large volumes of claims
  • How to maintain client privilege over documentation


  • Road network resilience
  • Future-proofing road networks
  • Maintenance management
  • Technical support from IPWEA
  • Resource documents
  • AI defect detection, and incorporating Asset AI software systems
  • Disaster Recovery document discussion and review

During the presentations, all attendees were invited to ask questions and discuss the specific issues they were facing. Plus, they had the chance to network with peers – and be reminded that they’re not alone in their challenges.

Everyone left the workshops at Leeton and Queanbeyan with increased legal and technical knowledge, practical resources, and confidence.

Don’t miss our upcoming workshops

All our workshops are held in person and are free to attend. Join us in our upcoming sessions click here:

Date & time Location
18 July, 10am – 2pm Grafton
1 August, 10am – 2pm Gilgandra
2 August, 10am – 2pm Tamworth


To learn more about the roadshow, please contact your Regional Risk Manager.

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