Imagine this: you arrive at work early on a seemingly normal day. You grab a coffee, start up your computer, check emails and then try to access the ratepayer database that you were diligently working on all yesterday… and it’s gone.

With a bead of sweat on your brow you look in your recycled bin. Not there. You call IT support. They can’t locate it. You can’t work out what happened!

Guess what? You’ve been hacked

Our reliance on storing information electronically brings with it a growing risk of cyber-crime from computer hackers or disgruntled employees. In fact, we’ve been told of at least four breaches from member councils in as many months.

Though we can’t stop these attacks, the good news is that cover for the fallout of cyber-crime is now available through the Fidelity Guarantee scheme. Cyber liability will provide first party and third party protection for losses resulting from unauthorised access to a council’s computer network. Cover will also extend to damage to brand reputation and cyber extortion.

We’ll keep you updated on developments in this area.

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